iconShould I schedule a specific day for a tattoo session?
- To ensure that a specific date is reserved for you, you need to book that date. In this case, all the time reserved for you will be dedicated solely to you.  
iconShould I schedule a specific day for a consultation?  
- To avoid wasting time and showing up to our studio for nothing, you need to schedule a consultation in advance. You can find any convenient way to do this in the contacts section.
iconHow much does a consultation cost?
- Consultations in our studio are completely free.
iconHow can I find out the price of my tattoo?
- Tattoo pricing depends on various factors such as complexity, size, project detail, client's skin type, and whether the tattoo will be color or black and white. It's best to inquire about the price when visiting our tattoo studio. You can obtain initial consultation through any available method. In the "contacts" section, you will find all the information. Consultation directly with the master is possible only by private appointment.  
iconShould I leave a deposit?
- A deposit guarantees that you will attend the session, ensuring that you will be expected at the appointed time. You should understand that tattoo artists and staff do not live in the studio, and many have to travel far to work. In case of your absence on the appointed day, the deposit compensates for the studio and staff's time.  
iconCan I bring tattoo motifs that I like the most?
- Bringing tattoo motifs with you will greatly facilitate the consultation process, both initial and with the master. It will be much easier to understand what exactly you want to do, and it will be clearer for the artists to work with. So feel free to bring examples of motifs with you, in any format convenient for you, whether printed pictures or pictures on a memory card.  
iconWill it hurt?
- Everyone has their own pain threshold. For some, the tattooing process is completely painless, while others may find it uncomfortable. But no pain compares to the pleasure you receive from the admiring looks of people passing by you. You can read about comparing the pain of getting a tattoo in the "recommendations" section.  
iconCan I take painkillers?
- We strongly advise against doing this. These medications thin the blood, which greatly complicates the tattooing process and negatively affects healing. However, since sessions can often last more than 6 hours, in this case, the intake of a small amount of pain reliever (when you can no longer bear the pain) is permissible.
iconCan I use numbing cream?
- We do not use such creams in our studio. They can cause allergies because they contain lidocaine. When using numbing cream, the "freezing" effect occurs after 40-50 minutes and lasts for about 20-30 minutes, which is not enough to complete even a small tattoo. When using such creams, the skin seems to harden, making it extremely difficult to work with. Very often, tattoos made with numbing creams heal poorly and require correction.  
iconHow will my tattoo heal?
- With normal healing, a tattoo will heal within 4-6 weeks. More details about this are written in the "recommendations" section that you can find on our website.
iconIf you don't offer the style I like?
- Good tattoo artists can work in any style. You can describe the motif you need, and we will select a tattoo artist who is most suitable for realizing this task.  
iconCan I come without an appointment?
- Of course, you can come without an appointment, have a cup of coffee, inspect the studio, chat with the administrator, and get initial consultation from him. But you probably won't be able to talk to the master directly because most likely, he will be working with or consulting another client.  
iconI really want a tattoo but I'm not sure what I want yet.
- In this case, you definitely shouldn't schedule a consultation to avoid wasting both your and our time. From experience, we can say that people who come for a consultation without a rough idea of what they want for a tattoo often leave with nothing. For this, you should more persistently browse thematic websites where you can see many different tattoos and styles. And when you roughly like something, you can schedule a consultation.  
iconWhich areas are the most painful for tattooing?
- The least painful areas are considered to be the arms and legs. But even on the arms and legs, there are sensitive areas such as elbows, armpits, wrists, fingers, calves, knees, and ankles. The most painful places to tattoo are the back, ribs, neck, chest, and stomach.  
iconDo you tattoo people under 18?
- We do not tattoo individuals under the age of 18 under any circumstances in our studio.
iconDo you tattoo eyeballs?
- Such interventions are very dangerous for health. It is possible to permanently lose vision. We categorically do not perform such procedures and recommend that you refrain from such endeavors.  
iconDo you tattoo fingers?
- In our studio, you can get a tattoo on your fingers, but you should know that fingers, elbows, and palms are the working areas of our hands, where the skin is usually tougher and thicker. During healing, pigment loss often occurs on these areas without the fault of the artist, and many repeated corrections are required, which do not guarantee an ideal result in the end.
iconCan I bring a friend with me?
- Of course, you can bring someone for support, but they will have to wait for you in the waiting area near the reception. Entry of outsiders into the work area is strictly prohibited. Because we strictly adhere to sanitary standards. Your health is more important than a friend holding your hand during the tattooing process. Also, typically, clients talk to their friends during the tattooing process, gesturing, which greatly interferes with the tattoo artist's work, which can affect the quality of your tattoo.  
iconCan I come to the session with pets?
- As much as we love animals, entry into the studio with pets is strictly prohibited. You must understand that tattooing involves the penetration of the needle into the skin. In doing so, the risk of infection is very high. Strict sanitary standards are observed in our studio. And the presence of any animals in the studio is unacceptable.  
iconI have a party tonight and a tattoo session tomorrow, can I drink alcohol?
- It is strongly recommended not to consume alcoholic beverages 1-2 days before the tattoo session. Because alcohol has the property of thinning the blood, which greatly interferes with the work of the artist and the healing of the tattoo itself. Plus, you know the consequences of alcohol the next day, such as headache, nausea, and so on.  
iconCan I visit pools, tanning salons, or go on vacation to hot countries right after a tattoo session?  
- It is better to postpone visits to pools, gyms, tanning salons, and saunas for 1-2 weeks. It is also advisable to postpone vacations in hot countries until your tattoo has fully healed. If there is no other option, you should treat the healing process very carefully. During the first two weeks, the skin traumatized by the tattoo is very vulnerable to external irritants such as ultraviolet light and bacteria. Therefore, you should strictly follow all the healing recommendations, which you can find on the website in the "recommendations" section.  
iconWhat is the best time of year to get a tattoo?
- It is best to get a new tattoo in the colder months of the year since the body sweats less at low temperatures. However, if you adhere to the recommendations for care and healing of a new tattoo, there are no problems with getting one at any time of the year.  
iconWhat is the minimum price for a tattoo?
- The minimum price for tattooing is 150 euros, even if it's just a single dot. This is because the cost of materials for even a single dot is the same as for an hour of work.  
iconIs it safe to get a tattoo in your studio?
- Our studio is built in compliance with all sanitary standards and requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological station of our district. All disposable materials are used. All needles are used only once, and we only work with tattoo inks approved by the European Union. Masters are constantly required to strictly observe all hygiene norms and rules.  
icon  I am sick, and I have a session tomorrow, can I get a tattoo?
- We do not recommend coming for a tattoo session when you are not feeling well. The tattooing process itself is stressful for the body and the nervous system. It is not worth overloading your body when it is already weakened. It is best to reschedule the session and come when you are feeling well and full of energy.  
iconHow should I take care of my new tattoo?
More detailed information about this is written in the "recommendations" section; we recommend you visit it :)
iconCan I cover scars from a cesarean section or cuts with a tattoo?
- You can cover almost any scar with a tattoo, but only after it has fully formed, approximately one year after its formation.