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The tattoo atelier was founded on February 1, 2024, in the small town of Pfedelbach in the state of Baden-Württemberg by Ruslan, an artist of hyper-realistic tattoos who had a predisposition for creativity since childhood. Over many years of working as a guest artist in various studios throughout Germany and Europe, he studied the advantages and disadvantages of each studio. Therefore, the "Inkcore" tattoo studio is equipped with all possible conveniences for clients and artists.

We always welcome clients in our studio and are ready to answer any questions. Our artists will always provide personalized recommendations regarding tattoos: where and what size to get, how to improve the sketch, enhance an existing tattoo, or cover it up. For our experienced artists, this is not a problem. Only highly qualified tattoo artists from around the world work in our studio. We invite you to visit our studio to experience our motto firsthand: "It will be better than you imagine.


It's no secret that a premium-class car costs orders of magnitude more than a regular one. It's also no secret that a good suit or couture bag costs much more than items from mass-market stores. The same applies to the tattoo industry: a good, quality tattoo comes at a high price.

You should understand that a tattoo will become a part of your body and it won't depreciate like the latest model phone or fashionable bag after 2-3 years. Therefore, any tattoo studio or reputable artist will recommend to you: "It's better to pay a high price once than to redo it multiple times, which will ultimately cost even more."

In our studio, our administrators will answer all your questions regarding prices and available dates for tattoo sessions. We offer flexible rates for our clients, including hourly payment or payment for the entire project/session. Simply get in touch with us through any convenient method for you.

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